How To Succeed In Social Relations?

An individual can not evolve alone. Otherwise, his life has no flavor. Valuable. We need others to flourish.
How To Succeed In Social Relations?

To be happy, simply. The concern is that in an environment where competition and productivity reign supreme, the notions of solidarity and mutual aid crumble visibly.

You must have noticed that everyone is in his corner, and it is becoming more difficult to make friends. Difficult perhaps. But it’s far from impossible. Because in reality, this impression is quickly scanned when we start to scratch the varnish.

The other people, the ones you sometimes fear, are exactly like you. They have a heart, thoughts, emotions, desires, desires, values. And when these coincide with what you feel, the affinities are formed by themselves.

That’s the secret to succeeding in social relations!

Express yourself to assert yourself … without infringing on the freedom of the other
It is often thought that to succeed in social relations, one must be kind, reserved, say yes to everything.

This is not the case. You have to be polite and respect a code, yes. But we must not let ourselves be stepped on. Because friendship, like any exchange, is based on the challenge, the challenge that we propose.

To make friends, it is important to highlight your values, your beliefs, your opinions. Not to impose on others. But to propose a discussion. A banner under which some will rally.
If you think about it, you will see that there is nothing more disturbing than being with someone you do not know. That one cannot identify as carrying of motivations and specific objectives.

What you need to do to succeed in your social relationships is simply to show who you are. Without doing too much, but still leaving your shell.

Overcoming the gaze of the other is a priority

The most difficult thing in this process is to step into the light and dare to say, to show what you are. Who we are Because we are afraid of being judged. To be mocked.

To overcome this apprehension, you need only become aware of something important. A truth that is always verified. People who criticize, mock, judge are themselves petrified.
And this aggressive mechanism is nothing more than a willingness to protect oneself, to shun the focus of the exchange and to blame someone else for it.

Very well! Assume this and show them that you are not afraid. Humor and lightness will be your weapons. To succeed in social relations, you just have to assume who you are. To show the will to pursue your goals. To progress, to enjoy life.
And I’m sure you know how!

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