How To Attract Boys by the expert

We girls, we all wonder: what makes guys crack? How to actually melt them without being too sticky or too distant?
How To Attract Boys by the expert

1. Be natural before anything 
Playing a role to please a guy is not the best way! On the one hand, it will quickly realize that you are not yourself and on the other hand, it will not bring you anything good because your relationship will start on a bad base: the lie! 

It is by your naturalness that you will attract their attention, you will not show yourself as you are and that is very important because if they like you like that, they will not be disappointed when they want to know you more , your natural every day will make them capsize and fall completely love!

2. Be cool 
A girl who takes the head or who gets offended for nothing quickly drunk the guys! Learn to be relaxed, let yourself go to your desires and avoid asking too many questions. Stay smiling, listening to others. It’s a golden rule, a girl who is stilted, who does not lose a smile and shows that she has all the miseries of the world on her frail shoulders do not attract anyone! Let yourself go with the world around you and trust them.

3. Have a conversation 
A girl who discusses multiple subjects is an open girl and one wants to know more. Moreover, you will enlarge your network of masculine knowledge and you will pass for a nice girl! 
Contrary to some received ideas, the guys prefer the girl’s thin minds, those who know how to hold a conversation! In addition, boys love to talk about them again and again. If you want to score a lot of points, be nice and listen to them talk about their little person with interest, and for hours if necessary. They love being interested in them.

4. Pay attention to your appearance
The inner beauty is the most important we know but the one we see first is outer beauty! Appearance determines the boy’s first impression of you. No need to look like Beyoncé to please but a girl who shows that she takes care of her, attracts more! Black nails, oily hair, and granular skin are not very glamorous. Look after yourself and pamper yourself!

Offer him a gift. 
The message will be clear: you love it! What is needed is to offer him an object that touches him, that he will keep on him. Sure, you’ll make him happy, and that, anyway, it’s always positive. 
He will feel valued and that the guys LOVE! Of course, he’s going to ask you why you’re giving him a gift, in answer, especially stay mysterious, you shrug your shoulders or say “Because it makes me happy”, do not worry, the real motivation will come to him enough quickly in mind. No need for speech!

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