How To Treat Asthma In 5 Minutes?

Asthma is a chronic disease, before reaching Dr. Syrian origin, German nationality, pastor of Moses, to treat the disease in a period not exceeding five minutes, says his patients.

How To Treat Asthma In 5 Minutes?

It is known that asthma is a disease that affects everyone, and its treatment depends on relieving symptoms and medical care for the patient when he is exposed to the asthma crisis.

And unlike other doctors, Dr. Musa Kassis believes that asthma (chronic) disease is nothing but a defect in the communication between the central nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system , and on this basis this doctor succeeded in treating hundreds of his patients who got rid after his treatment of asthma and taking their companion medications during Years of suffering.

Dr. Kassis has worked in his simple clinic in the city of “Dortmund” since 1987, and since 2009 visitors to the doctor’s internal medicine clinic have become a chaplain who does not come from the city of Dortmund alone, but from several cities from Germany and from outside.

These patients are looking for a cure for a disease that, in the concept of medicine, is a chronic and incurable disease , which is asthma. But the doctor has a chaplain from another point of view in treating this disease, which affects millions of people around the world, and hundreds of thousands die from it.

Syrian doctor Musa Kassis developed a definitive treatment for asthma and allergies, he said. The story of his treatment of asthma began with his children fifteen years ago. His two sons had asthma, and the condition of the older son was worse than that of his brother. According to what Dr. Musa tells himself, Akbar and his two sons once asked him: “Why can my brother laugh easily, while I can’t?”

The father’s doctor stopped asking his son for a long time, and then considered conducting a treatment experiment on his young, who uses asthma medications. The next day, the father brought the sick young doctor with him to his clinic. He started his experiment, and after only five minutes of the experiment, his son got up saying, “Dad, I can breathe.” And the doctor, Qassis, added, “The rashes disappeared from his chest and he stopped coughing . It was unbelievable.”

Twenty-four years of suffering

Doctor Musa Kassis has been successfully treating asthma and allergic patients of all kinds since 2009. One of those who treated him was Patrick Kalka, 27, from Berlin.

Patrick tells his story with asthma: “At first I was skeptical and asked, if it is really possible to get rid of this disease? I found the address of the doctor a chaplain on the Internet. The comments of his clinic’s Facebook page were stunned and hard to believe. But I didn’t wait long and called. with it”.

Since childhood, Patrick has suffered from bronchial asthma , and he has frequent colds and pneumonia as well . Especially in the period before his visit to Doctor Kassis, he was very poor, he said. “I visited the doctor four times. I felt better after the first treatment. After the fourth treatment session, I no longer felt any symptoms of asthma. I no longer used medications to reduce the symptoms of the disease,” he says.

Patrick concludes his talk with German radio, “Deutsche Welle” by saying with a smile: “I have had stronger immunity against diseases. I was on a trip with my friends to the Spanish island of Mallorca, and after our return all my friends got a cold, except me, I had no problem and did not move Me infection. ” He compared this to his condition, when he was constantly suffering from colds and pulmonary infections.

Causes of asthma

The causes of asthma are different, including environmental reasons, hereditary causes , and sometimes they are due to a false medical diagnosis of a specific disease , such as the case of Mrs. Kulbah, seventieth of age. She confirms that a doctor had misdiagnosed her pneumonia. Diagnosing a cough at the time, it was a mild natural cough, after which Ms. Kolbeh had asthma. “I visited the chest doctor and he told me I had asthma,” she says. “After several times, I had severe crises and was taken to the hospital’s emergency department by ambulance.”

Doctors asked her to live with the disease, because it is a chronic disease that has no definitive treatment . But she adds: “I am not quickly accepting things, I searched the Internet and found the address of the doctor, chaplain. I called him. I went to him with my husband.” Noting that the clinic is on the first floor, Ms. Kulbah says, “I told myself, my God, how do I get to the clinic. When I entered, I could barely breathe. I noticed that doctor’s help, so they brought me to the medical examination room directly.”

“He started my treatment, and after only five minutes, I was able to breathe again and the air got into my lungs after a full year of suffering. After a while, I went to the chest doctor and assured me that I do not have asthma.”

Young people respond to treatment quickly

Asthma is the first chronic disease that affects children around the world. And it seems that the response of children to the treatment of a priest is much faster than in adults. For example, Katrina, a 12-year-old girl, was allergic to many things that caused her asthma. She told German radio: “I have been using asthma medications since I was three years old. This disease affected my movement and I was unable to exercise regularly at school.”

Katrina’s mother was initially skeptical of the success of this method, but she decided to try: “We went to him in a situation where Katrina had difficulty breathing, her eyes were red and her face was swollen.”

Regarding her condition after starting the treatment, Katrina’s mother says: “Immediately after the treatment she managed to breathe and her eyes changed from red to white again. I am a nurse and I was skeptical about any treatment outside the traditional treatment.

But I noticed amazed how my daughter changed her condition within minutes, and those voices stopped Emerging from her chest due to difficulty breathing. ” After a while, Katrina’s mother says: “We went to the pediatrician and did a regular lung function check, and the result is: There is no effect of asthma on Katrina. It’s amazing and hard to believe.”


 How can a priest treat his patients so quickly?

Most of those contacted by German radio who were treated by the doctor was skeptical and skeptical at first, as asthma treatment relies mainly on relieving symptoms only, accompanies those who suffer from it throughout their life, and kills hundreds of thousands of people around the world annually. Read

The doctor explains his theory in the treatment of patients with allergies and asthma that is based on it, that allergic diseases, especially asthma, are only the result of a defective communication between the nervous systems. He says that the central nervous system controls through the autonomic nerve all the vital functions of the human body. The autonomic nerve, in turn, consists of two nervous systems: sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic spinal cord comes from the cranial nerve (cranial nerves).

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