How To Tie A Tie ?

Before starting the pictures, let’s start with some important information about the necktie and another label, A cloth worn with business uniforms and worn by men more than women, and has several designs until the fashion has come to be made some of those crevasses or neckties with a dress that does not belong to the business area such as shirt and jeans, We also find that the first people to make craft are the Croatian people, especially the armies.

In wartime, women put their neckties on their husbands and fighters as a kind of loyalty and love. I do not know openly what love is. who is this The cloth that is attached to the necks, but it may be like roses for them, red color is a sign of love, for example, but here we are talking about the origin of those ties.

Unfortunately, when I read and explain to that subject I found that some of the members of that army who are captured are executed hanging from During the necktie that is worn.

After that, and with the intensification of wars at that time between the French and Croats, these clothes aroused the attention of the French leaders until they became mostly dressed as uniforms on the suits of their work.

Hence the spread of the name, where the name of the craft came from the French and with the circulation of these clothes as decoration on clothes, Its manufacture and designs are the Italian states, and the widespread of such decorations has become a day of love in the year a special day to mark it International Day of Necktie and is held this celebration in the history of the eighteenth of October each year and for this occasion, a wide range in the State of Croatia is the basis, and after Many wars have spread to the Arab countries.

How to tie a necktie – Ten photos

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